Flying Squirrel Community Space

Artists' Statement regarding the Black Lives Matter mural!

[Dug this out of a stack of papers! From the Summer of 2017.]

Roc Paint Division
Wall Therapy Sketch
Artist Statement

Artists–Nzinga Muhammad, age 17, Etana Browne, age 17, & Kaori-Mei Stephens, age 17

Our concept for this mural is Black Lives Matter. It specifically highlights black diversity, with each portrait representing a loose version of the artists. Mei is Afro-Asian, Etana is Afro-Caribbran, and Nzinga is a Black Muslim.

We felt that this concept fits our experiences in America as young black girls, and is also an attempt to reach other young black girls like us who need to see positive representations of blackness and our diversity.

The quote: “Respect existence or expect resistance” was chosen because we felt that our experiences and cultures should be recognized and not whitewashed or erased into society. They should be celebrated and protected.

The magnolia tree adds vibrancy, color, beauty, and life to the wall.

The three artists were also in the press!

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