Flying Squirrel Community Space

2018 Flying Squirrel Fall Fundraiser


With your help we were able to get a new roof last year! THANK YOU! Now we need to start work on renovating the interior. Our first priority is the hallway and staircase. Link to fundraiser:

Our plan is to demo the walls and ceiling, add a plastic barrier so that the wall isn't porous, put up new dry wall and lighting fixtures, and strip the stairs of the old non-slip surface and replace it. The possibility of adding a chair lift for people with disabilities is also a serious consideration! We cannot do this work on our own though. We need your support.

We were granted 501(c)3 status by the federal government meaning your donations are tax exempt. We were also granted property tax exemption this year. These designations will make sure that your donations go directly into the upgrades we're proposing.

For 2019, we are ending our “Monday Mayhem” series and starting a new programming schedule that will focus on a theme for two months with accompanying events. Those themes might include: sexism, education, the environment, prison abolition, open source media, health care/mental health, housing/homelessness/redlining/gentrification, women’s issues (childcare, reproductive rights, contraception), racism/white supremacy, gender/sexuality, youth issues, intersectionality, and police accountability.

In addition we are developing an Activism 101 curriculum for 2019. This will entail one workshop a month that focuses on practical issues such as: basic first aid, how to use social media, copwatch/movement media, know your rights, radical art, conflict resolution, and direct action/civil disobedience.

More information will be coming so please stay tuned!

The Flying Squirrel Community Space exists to provide a welcoming space that will cultivate and sustain long lasting relationships between activists, artists, and community members in Rochester so that we may work together to create positive social change.

Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500, one time or even monthly! That's right! You can become a monthly sustainer! Contact us for details. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.

-The Flying Squirrel Collective

PS. We know at the Squirrel that there is distrust (to say the least) of the state, capitalism, and technological money sharing services. If you want to donate to the fundraiser but don't want to do it online, checks or money orders can mailed directly to the Flying Squirrel. Make them out to “Flying Squirrel Community Space" and in the memo put "fall fundraiser.” Send them to Flying Squirrel Community Space, 285 Clarissa St., Rochester, NY 14608. And thank you so much. We will say your name and share the love and appreciation.