Flying Squirrel Community Space

Conflict Resolution Statement

Conflict is natural and healthy. Don't don't let it fester. Talk about it!

At the Flying Squirrel, we want to keep a harmonious, positive, safe space for all the members of our community. Because of this, we have a process in place to discuss and resolve conflicts at the space. Some of our members have studied the restorative circles model and are offering mediation skills to the community.

Conlfict naturally arises when working with a large, diverse group of people and can be actually healthy when there is a willingness to address it. If we work through our conflicts, we can achive better understanding and relationships between people and groups. It is essential to confront conflict expediently and not allow it to grow out of proportion.

What you need to know

  1. If you have a conflict you would like help with, send an email to a our conflict resolution group, or call members of the working group if you prefer: Dawn, 415-7808; Ben, 414-0572; Andy, 305-1594; Paul, 716-553-0708.
  2. We maintain confidentiality within our conflict resolution group. We aim to reduce gossip and tension within the FS community space.
  3. We are volunteers who are dedicated to doing the best we can for the community. We are not professionals and have varying degree of experience and training. We can seek outside mediators if parties feel that is necessary or desirable.
  4. All parties involved in the conflict will agree to a mediator that they feel comfortable with.
  5. We are basing our conflict resolution model off of the restorative circles model. You can find more information about that at
  6. The conflict resolution group is open to any Flying Squirrel member. If you would like to train as a mediator or contribute ideas to our process, contact the conflict resolution group.
  7. We are neither judges nor juries. Unlike a winner-take-all model, restorative circles are designed to achieve mutual understanding. We work to aid in resolving disputes that arise within the space. Decisions about unsolved conflict will be made at our general meetings.

A brief summary of Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles offer ways for individuals and communities to establish connection, discover meaning and recover power on profound levels. They create a forum for reaching agreements that help sustain effective and nurturing relationships both personally and within society. The Circles have developed within the Restorative Justice movement, which in recent decades has rediscovered and adapted ways for communities to promote responsibility and healing. Rethinking justice, and engaging with the challenge of consciously building whole system responses to community well-being, has opened up revolutionary possibilities for furthering a culture of peace.