Flying Squirrel Community Space

Event: Police Accountability Board Music & Food Benefit

  • Sun 9/24/2017, 2:00pm-8:00pm

Matt DeLaus, an organizer with the Police Accountability Board Organizing Committee (PABOC), wants to put on a few shows to raise money for the campaign to pass the Police Accountability Board. (You can read the full report here:

The report calls for the abolition of the Civilian Review Board, which has a 2% sustain rate over 15 years, and the implementation of the Police Accountability Board (PAB). The PAB includes:

  1. Independence from the Rochester Police Department and independence from non-profit agencies like the Center for Dispute Settlement
  2. Independent Investigative Authority
  3. Subpoena Power
  4. Ability to impose discipline for sustained complaints of misconduct through a disciplinary matrix
  5. Ability to review all policies and procedures and related police information and make recommendations

This is a fundraiser to help pay for different aspects of the campaign. Currently, we are asking Rochester voters to sign Police Accountability Pledge Cards saying that when they vote they will vote for someone who wants the PAB. We are not endorsing any candidates but instead are trying to meet with each of them and find out what their concerns and recommendations are.

This would be a music show to gather support, funds, and share information. We are working with Rochester Food Not Bombs for them to offer snacks or a meal to further entice people to come out and support this effort!