Flying Squirrel Community Space

Event: Unpacking 2018: a people's forum

285 Clarissa St.
Chris Snyder / Ted Forsyth
  • Sat 1/5/2019, 11:00am-4:00pm

A look back at the past year using the unconference method.

Title: Unpacking 2018: a people's forum
Who: General Public/ Activist community
What: A community forum on the form of an unconference.
When: 11am to 4pm, Saturday, January 5, 2019
Where: Flying squirrel community space, 285 Clarissa St.
Suggested donation: $5

The unconference format allows for attendees to create the agenda to ensure that all topics discussed reflect attendees knowledge and interest. This would be an all day event with 4 discussion time slots. including an orientation, a lunch break and a set of closing remarks. We would set up a grid on the white board with time slots as rows and different rooms as columns. We would keep sticky notes next to the board and attendees would write down topics they want to discuss and place them on the grid depending indicating when and where they would like to discuss it. Once the sticky notes are made they can be moved around the grid in an effort to produce the most logical grouping of topics for a given discussion section. There will not be any restrictions on what topics are brought up as long as they tie into the overarching theme of “Unpacking 2018”.

The event might roll over an extra hour to 5pm.