Flying Squirrel Community Space

Flying Squirrel Membership Guidelines

The flying Squirrel Community Space is an all-volunteer project. We are sustained by the energy and effort of our collective members and supporters. Anyone can become a Flying Squirrel member. If you don't have experience running events, handling a power drill, or using consensus process, don’t worry, we are all learning!

If you want to take part in creating a radical, artistic, and cross-cultural space where people can come together to share resources and knowledge, consider joining us!

What should I know before becoming a member?

I'm Interested in becoming a member of the Flying Squirrel Community Space. What should I do?

What are minimum expectations of Squirrel members?

Do I need to pay membership dues?

No. However we are fully funded by community members and event donations. However, we encourage folks that can contribute financially to become monthly subscribers. No amount is too small. There are many other ways to donate services and to help fund raise.

So what are the benefits of being a Squirrel member?

Other ways to support the Squirrel

If you are supportive of the Flying Squirrel, but membership does not work for you, there are many ways to contribute! You can help the squirrel stay alive and vibrant by donating your time, money, or other contributions to the community space. You can donate a monthly subscription, which really helps us stay financially strong. Please let us know what how you would like to participate by sending us an email.

I'm a member, but can no longer actively participate. What should I do?

For whatever reason if you decide you no longer want to be a member, please contact someone from the Squirrel collective and let them know your intentions.
If you want to become an active member again, just contact the collective.