Flying Squirrel Community Space

Event: Eviction Letter Art Nite

  • Sun 3/19/2023, 1:00pm-6:00pm

Free Art Collective would like to host a community art therapy pop-up to create art for our “Eviction Letter Protest Art Project.” We will collect eviction letters from the community, and host a workshop for people to make art out of these hateful documents. We will provide supplies for people to paint, draw, create block-out-poetry, etc. on their eviction letters to turn such cruel words into art! We will then formally exhibit these art-ified letters, as well as use them in the form of protest art, to tape up around the streets of Rochester. Free Art Collective organizes conceptual art projects like this all over the world, and we will be bringing this eviction letter art idea down to NYC as well! So the Art people create at this event can tour around ROC as well as the other cities that we work with!

This event would have other art supplies available for people to play with, as well as free art up for grabs, because we are the Free Art Collective after all!