Flying Squirrel Community Space

Single Event Space Request

Beginning on January 1, 2018, our 4 hour event rate and 6 hour music rate will be increasing from $85 and $125 to $150 and our full building use rate will increase from $130 to $190. Requests for use of space made before 1/1/18 will be honored at the $85, $125, and $130 rates. In order to maintain the building we need to raise our rates. We haven't raised rates in years. Thank you for understanding. Happy new year!

Thank you for your interest in the Flying Squirrel Community Space!

Please read through these guidelines for using our space before you complete this form:

This form is for a single event at the space. If you are looking to use the space on an ongoing basis, please use the Ongoing Space Request Form.

How do you want to use the space?

Flying Squirrel Standard Donation: We ask a flat fee of $85 for music shows and private parties with a $35 dollar deposit to hold the space. We request the deposit to discourage last minute cancellations. If you cancel your event more than two weeks out, then we can refund your deposit. For other groups using the space we ask for some donation or a passing of the hat. we are totally volunteer run and funded we need your support.

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