Flying Squirrel Community Space

Benefit for Earth First! and Standing Rock Comrades

Saturday, December 17, 2016
12pm - 10pm
Flying Squirrel Community Space
285 Clarissa St.
Rochester, NY

We start the day off with a Local Holiday Bazarr at Noon featuring…
Khaos By Design
Smug Town Mushrooms
Thievin Stephen
Rachel Dow
The Vineyard
Leather by Ava
Wild Thistle Herb

A Delicious meal will be served and prepared by Rochester Food Not Bombs!!

With music starting at 3!
Girl Cock
( in your face acoustic not to be missed!)
(ex city harvest black ambient noise)
(will make you cry like cutting a whole bag of onions in one sitting)
American Terrorist
(so raw your crust will fall off)
(post punk earth warriors from the Mid Hudson Valley)
Rotten UK
(You know the drill Back to War!)

I want to take a moment and recongnize the victory at Standing Rock this week! However we still have a long way to go. History shows there is no accountability held within our goverment and the damage has been done. We have an uncertain future and commrades whom been harmed need redemption!

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Earth First! is a globalized group that does just that for our mother earth! We are holding the Organizers Conference/ Winter Rondevous in the Mid Hudson Valley Febuary 14-21st. We need to raise some dough to house and feed all you radical earth warriors! to find out what we are all about check out