Flying Squirrel Community Space

Event: ROCDSA Postcapitalist Future Project meeting

  • Wed 2/21/2018, 6:00pm-8:00pm

Rochester DSA is holding its first meeting for its Postcapitalist Future Project - an initiative focused on discussing, exploring, sharing and outlining visions for a postcapitalist future. As capitalism sputters and struggles, a postcapitalist world is virtually inevitable and a rapidly growing movement of thinkers, authors, scientists, activists, organizers and ordinary people are inciting us to think about our future in a way that, up until recently, seemed distantly utopian. Time to think big!

This first meeting will be an introduction and a sharing of ideas for a postcapialist vision, and to untangle some of the complexity and challenges that come along with a future-oriented approach to organizing. To help, we'll have a guest speaker to give us a primer on Systems thinking.