Flying Squirrel Community Space

Event: Elias- Welcome Event

  • Sat 9/14/2019, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Elias is a new organization based in Rochester. The objective of our organization is to provide a space that fosters professional, social, and mental growth for our targeted demographic. Young, black, muslim leaders face a unique identity crisis; this intersectionality comes with several obstacles and setbacks. An important step in serving the youth involves tapping into local communities and bridging the gap between our respective identities, this community is largely underserved and it is vital to provide the right resources to overcome these adversities. These resources manifest in several different ways:
-Mentorship programs: Connecting with like-minded individuals in respective fields provides a space for the youth to connect to mentors that can provide them with interpersonal skills.
-Leadership workshops: Become local leaders builds confidence within the youth as well as increasing involvement and helping advancing our members on a professional level. Thinking long-term, we hope to plant seeds that grow into capable leaders that are representative of our communities.
-Community networking events: On both a professional and social level, it is important to create and maintain strong relationships with our communities, particularly the Rochester community at large. We provide a plethora of diverse skill-sets and accolades that should be highlighted within our communities.
-Mental health workshops: Mental health and the topic of dealing with mental health issues is often taboo in many religious or cultural contexts. Tackling these issues in a safe space will provide a level of comfort and allow these issues to the forefront of many health work environments.

This particular event will serve as an introduction to the organization, we are looking to garner support from not only the youth, but members of the community as well. We have many plans for the future of Elias (as mentioned above) and we believe the mission of the Flying Squirrel Community Space align with our own ideals and missions for this organization.