Flying Squirrel Community Space

General Guidelines for Events

  1. Public and private shows/events at the Flying Squirrel Community Space (FSCS) with amplified music must be turned off at 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 10:00pm on week nights.
  2. All events will be cleaned up with folks out of the building by midnight (weekends). As always, the bottomliner has some discretion here, but the rule is to end any and all events by midnight.
  3. The bottomliner is the person who comes to the space, opens the space for the people using the space, answers any questions, solves problems, and closes the space at the end of the event.
  4. Generally, the FSCS does not have music or private parties during week days. Exceptions can be made.
  5. Users of the space must review the principles of unity (and check the box on our online form) before being able to submit a space use request.
  6. The bottomliner has the authority to stop/cancel/remove any event or individual that creates unsafe or hostile space against guests and/or our principles of unity.